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Vision360 Management Consulting (A Brand of VMC Management Consulting Pvt. Ltd.) is an ISO 9001:2015 certified, Global Management Consulting firm with our headquarters in India. In our presence of more than 12 years in this area, we have served many Indian Conglomerates, Fortune500 Companies, Public Sector Organizations from India & Middle East and multiple ministries of Govt. of India across multiple sectors.

We provide advisory services in Policy Advisory, Policy Advocacy, Sustainability Consulting, Risk Management, PPP Advisory for Smart Cities, Business Strategy, People & Transformation, Corporate Social Responsibility, Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory and Information Technology, apart from extremely robust and focussed training and development services. The focus of the firm has always been on improving the business and social performance of those pillars of Indian economy which have been the key to economic sovereignty since Independence. Our focus through out has been focused arround sustainability at the core of our business approach.

Our Journey

Knowledge Partner to UN Bodies and Indian Industry Bodies.

Operational since Year 2009.

Knowledge Partner to UN Bodies and Indian Industry Bodies.

Governance Advisors for Smart Cities in India.

Key Policy Interventions in India.

Risk Management Advisors for many large corporates globally.

Policy Advocacy Partners for multiple Fortune500 entities in India.

Knowledge Support and Partnerships with major countries in India.

Sustainability Advisors for Large Indian Conglomerates.

Our Value Proposition

Our cultures and values have remained steadfast through all the changes the industry has brought, which are a strong testament of our adaotability and resilience. Adding value to the client and protecting their business is paramount to us. Vision360 has a distinctive and remarkable combination of International, senior, hands-on industry experience, across all areas of the requirement. Mature and deep domain expertise, along with current involvement in strategic business growth activity.

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Sustainable Development Goals

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Our Portfolio

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Client Retention Ratio

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150 + Years

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What We Do?

Social development is a foundation upon which human development flourishes and economic development becomes sustainable. This is an integral component of our multidisciplinary consultancy work.

CSR Advisory

Our “Fact – based” solutions are based on detailed analysis of clients’ needs & the fierce business environment bringing the right combination of perspectives, substantiated approaches & pragmatic thinking.


Organizations have a growing need to link their risks across their business units & adopt a more comprehensive framework. Our Risk Management methodology is customizable to a company’s particular situation/need.

Risk Advisory

We specialize in Government & PSU engagements through our long and enriching experience in working with various PSUs and Ministries. Vision360’s strategic advisory services bring about forth lasting changes.

Government Policy

Our educational process involves the sharpening of skills, concepts, changing of attitude and gaining knowledge to enhance the performance of people through training & development.

Knowledge Management

The strategic potential of Technology should be integrated into businesses for the ‘transformation’. Our cross-sector expertise, an independent perspective and global insights helps in competing and thriving.



PSU, Govt & Non-Govt

The most important and promising pillar of the Indian Economy has been the prime beneficiary of the services catered by Vision360, with MoU and Transparency being the core.

Service Sector

With around 52% contribution to the GDP in 2014-15, the sector has made rapid strides. Vision360 is a proud member of the industry and has been assisting other peers through its competent team.

Technology & Telecommunication

Being the leading market in world, IT and Telecom industries are the Cash Cows for India. Vision360 is both a member and facilitator for the sector with an expected growth of 12-14%.

Infrastructure & Real Estate

For any economy to grow mainstay has to be the infrastructure of the nation. With the organisations like NBCC, EPI and EIL as clients, Vision360 has contributed a lot to the sector.

Petroleum & Energy

Serving the Up/Mid/Downstream organisations and Power sector organisations with an equal fervour, Vision360 has made its presence felt in the industry.

Manufacturing & Logistics

Vision360 is completely aligned with the government’s ambitious target of increasing the contribution of manufacturing output to 25% of GDP by 2025.

Mining & Minerals

As India appears on the world stage as major reserve house with a convenient exports possibility, Vision360 is providing professional services to the mining, minerals & extractive industries.

Financial Sector

With extensive expertise in wealth management, banking & insurance, investment banking, Vision360 provides various advisory services in this domain to enable & strengthen the firms.

Vision360 Management Consulting

The purposes pursued by our clients in availing our consultancy services include achieving organizational purposes and objectives, solving management and business problems, identifying and seizing new opportunities, enhancing learning and implementing changes. We invite you to experience our exquisite and radical services and give us an opportunity to be a value addition to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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