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Our “Fact – based” solutions are based on detailed analysis of clients’ needs & the fierce business environment bringing the right combination of perspectives, substantiated approaches & pragmatic thinking.

Government Policy

We specialize in Government & PSU engagements through our long and enriching experience in working with various PSUs and Ministries. Vision360’s strategic advisory services bring about forth lasting changes.

Knowledge Management

Our educational process involves the sharpening of skills, concepts, changing of attitude and gaining knowledge to enhance the performance of people through training & development.

CSR Advisory

Social development is a foundation upon which human development flourishes and economic development becomes sustainable. This is an integral component of our multidisciplinary consultancy work.


The strategic potential of Technology should be integrated into businesses for the ‘transformation’. Our cross-sector expertise, an independent perspective and global insights helps in competing and thriving.

Risk Advisory

Organizations have a growing need to link their risks across their business units & adopt a more comprehensive framework. Our Risk Management methodology is customizable to a company’s particular situation/need.


We work with leading clients in both PSUs and private sectors (along with our various business partners) on issues ranging from enhancing operational efficiency to charting a business strategy. Our ever growing list includes the who’s who of the industry.

Our expertise, domain knowledge and enriched advisory board makes it possible for us to work with various business sectors, hence gives us an edge over many other players in the arena. The industrial sectors we work with can be listed as follows:

PSU, Govt & Non-Govt

The most important and promising pillar of the Indian Economy has been the prime beneficiary of the services catered by Vision360, with MoU and Transparency being the core.

Service Sector

With around 52% contribution to the GDP in 2014-15, the sector has made rapid strides. Vision360 is a proud member of the industry and has been assisting other peers through its competent team.

Technology & telecommunication

Being the leading market in world, IT and Telecom industries are the Cash Cows for India. Vision360 is both a member and facilitator for the sector with an expected growth of 12-14%.

Infrastructure & Real Estate

For any economy to grow mainstay has to be the infrastructure of the nation. With the organisations like NBCC, EPI and EIL as clients, Vision360 has contributed a lot to the sector.

Petroleum & Energy

Serving the Up/Mid/Downstream organisations and Power sector organisations with an equal fervour, Vision360 has made its presence felt in the industry.

Manufacturing & Logistics

Vision360 is completely aligned with the government’s ambitious target of increasing the contribution of manufacturing output to 25% of GDP by 2025.

Mining & Minerals

As India appears on the world stage as major reserve house with a convenient exports possibility, Vision360 is providing professional services to the mining, minerals & extractive industries.

Financial Sector

With extensive expertise in wealth management, banking & insurance, investment banking, Vision360 provides various advisory services in this domain to enable & strengthen the firms.


Dr. Harsh Vardhan to lead the Indian delegation in the Mission Innovation Ministerial

Union Minister for Science & Technology, Earth Sciences, Environment, Forests and Climate Change Dr. Harsh Vardhan will be leading an Indian delegation for participation in the Mission Innovation Ministerial being held at Malmo-Sweden during 22-23 May, 2018.

“Response of Developed Nations in Combating Climate Change Inadequate”: Dr Harsh Vardhan

India has said that the response of developed nations for greater action in combating climate change is inadequate. Makingan intervention at the 26th BASIC Ministerial Meeting of Environment Ministers in Durban today, Union Minister for Environment, Forest & Climate Change, Dr Harsh Vardhan said that the world is at a critical stage in combating climate change.

CSC to reach 2.50 lakh gram panchayats and 700 Digital villages to be established by the year end : Union Minister of Electronics & IT

The network of Common Service Centres (CSCs), which act as access points for delivery of various electronic services to villages in India, are set to be expanded to 2.50 lakh gram panchayats by the year end,Union Minister for Electronics and IT Sh. Ravi Shankar Prasad said today at Dhanauri Kalan village in Gautam Budh Nagar (UP).

All-time high petrol, diesel prices: More pain ahead? Top 10 developments

Petrol and Diesel prices have touched all-time highs as the cost of commuting burns a hole in the common Indian's pockets. Want to know where the fuel prices are the lowest? Catch all updates here

Good show by Modi govt in four years; private sector now needs to pitch in

In terms of conceptualisation and implementation of policies, performance of NDA govt has been remarkable

Perils of debt: Why businesses in emerging markets must tread with caution

A lot of the obligations are denominated in dollars, which makes them harder to pay off when emerging-market currencies depreciate

Smart luggage firms close because of airline battery rules

Two firms have closed this month, citing changes in airline policies on carrying batteries.

US mugshot website owners face criminal charges

The site published images of people taken by police after arrest and asked for cash to remove them.

Cambridge Analytica starts bankruptcy proceedings in US

The firm at the centre of the Facebook data row has filed legal papers that will see it wound up.

Shocking study shows one third of world's protected areas degraded by human activities

A shocking study confirms that one third of the world's protected areas -- an astonishing 2.3 million square miles or twice the size of the state of Alaska - are now under intense human pressure including road building, grazing, and urbanization.

Can we get 100 percent of our energy from renewable sources?

Some researchers doubted the feasibility of many of the recent scenarios for high shares of renewable energy. Now scientists have hit back with their response to the points raised. They demonstrate that there are no roadblocks on the way to a 100 percent renewable future.

Natural regeneration or tree-planting? Study points to bias in forest restoration studies

At a time when countries are pledging to restore millions of hectares of forest, new research argues that recent studies on forest regeneration techniques are flawed. Sites used to evaluate natural regeneration were secondary growth forests, whereas sites chosen to evaluate artificial regeneration ranged from abandoned coal mines to cattle-trampled fields. Authors of the new study suggest elements of both techniques should be considered, depending on the objectives for a site and its current state.

Our Partners

We work with leading clients in both PSUs (public sectors) and private sectors (along with our various business partners) on issues ranging from enhancing operational efficiency to charting a business strategy.